Dark brown eyes
Fingers dance
Searching for a line between scattered numbers
and night dimmers

In pattern they hint you
their story
A vivid illusion
of untold premonition

And here I am
All ears to your hum
sorting occupants of the realm


I’m just dying another dying.

It will be okay  to stand and stay,
but now or later every creature will definitely fade away.

Never be a mistake to set a best buy with the time,
but never forget that he has his own rules in this game.

One that’s certainly exists is goodbye.
There’s nothing shall not vanish.
There’s no one lives eternally but perish.

I’m just dying another dying.
Just facing ordinary thing everyone will be facing.


You and I were stranger
put on same table by unexpectable drawer.
Some called it destiny,
but, laughing, I said it was parody.
As a cricket creates flame,
this how our eyes disposition became –
something someday I would blame.
Even just for seconds you spell your number I typed to my phone.
I felt weird thing beyond as I walked home alone.